Common Causes and Treatment of Back Pain

Do you always suffer from back pain? If yes, there are millions of people who experience the same condition. This pain often comes and go that when you treat it immediately, you can at least expect to be relieved.


Here are the common causes why back pain occurs:


It is believed that when you are pregnant, all of the ligaments in the body get stretcher and looser preparing it for labor. Due to this reason, your back suffers from strain and from pain. In order that you treat it, you need to avoid lifting all those heavy objects. Even gentle exercises can help strengthen the back. Pilates and yoga can also help build your strength during your pregnancy stage.

Too Much Time Spent on the Sofa

With long hours of time spent on the sofa, this could really potentially give you pain at the back. Your back muscles remain at a halt that does not do them any good. In order for you to treat it, you may just stand every ½ hour while you are watching television. Also, strengthen your back by means of trying a plank.

Too Much Time Spent Using your Phone

There are many people who usually spend more time using their phones setting their to-do-lists and reminders. This actually puts more pressure on their spine. Even according to a new study, it shows that when the head tilts forward, more pressure is pressed on the spine and the neck.

In treating it, improving your posture is as well essential. You need to just improve the way you sit. Even your ears must be lined-up with your shoulders. And then, keep the shoulder blades down and then back.

Your Period

With your old period, it can sometimes bring you back pain. The cramping of the uterus presses on blood vessels leaving the muscles with no oxygen at all. This is the main reason why your thighs, your back and your tummy get sore and achy.

To be able to treat the pain effectively, you need to put hot compress on the affected area. When you also take Ibuprofen consistently, you can just give some relief on both the cramps and the pain. You may as well apply pain relief to the affected area or get some massage that helps relieve the tension.


Even though it is highly emphasized that stress is purely psychological, this actually affects a person in many different ways. This causes you to feel not relaxed and tensed that makes your back muscles achy and sore.

In order to immediately alleviate the pain, you may have some time to relax and you may try acupuncture that relieves stress and back pain alike. With 3 deep breaths, these can help eliminate stress.

You may as well go out and walk and then move. Breathing helps you combat stress and make you feel better.

Carrying Excessive or Heavy Shopping Bags

When you really forced yourself of carrying excessive or heavy shopping, later on you will start experiencing back pain. In making you feel better or in avoiding this at once, try using the shopping trolley. This helps you carry your shopping items and this helps you avoid the pain!

Now, you have learned more about the common causes and the treatment of back pain!


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